Sunday, January 24, 2010


So this is a tattoo design my friend had asked me to do for her about 1.5 years ago (or more). I started roughs but never really felt inspired, and as a result, hated the ones I came up with. That is, until recently, when I stumbled upon some very cool cherry tree designs. I never thought to put the heart of the design into the trunks until I saw these examples. Using these examples I learned to draw the trunk a certain way. I would have actually copied the tree trunk from said examples, but its too damn hard. Much easier to learn the pattern and do it yourself.

Next time you watch a film or television show, and the characters are at a fast food place, pay attention to what they order. No matter what they get, the "drink" is always a milkshake of some sort. Am I wrong? Why is this important? Aside from the fact that mixing a desert like a milkshake with greasy burgers and fries is just plain wrong; people on tv will always ALWAYS order a milkshake with their meal, but do you ever see anyone in real life do it? Most people get a coke or other forms of pop, but never milkshakes.

So why is it that TV wants us to think that's what we should be ordering? Are the people who invented milkshakes paying television off, so their product can make a comeback? I was just at a mcdonalds the other day and this discussion came up, thought i would post it here. If you don't see an update on this blog, it was the milkshake people that got me.