Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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"The Incredibly Mixed-up Toons Who Were At Some Point Cancelled And Went On A Muderous Rampage Anyways!!"

The following is a log about the making of my latest shirt design. I really hope it becomes a threadless tee. This design kinda came out on it’s own, and evolved through many stages to be this final product.
Originally, I was just going to do a bunch of my favourite cartoon characters as zombies. It was only after I drew the care bear that I remembered Alexmdc just had a design about them printed recently. So I chose to get rid of him. I would have really liked to have the bear in there, but I also like Alex’s design and there would be no point in including something so similar to it.

So I got rid of the care bear and replaced him with good ‘ol Astro. I also decided to go with my alternate idea ( at the suggestion of my friend Shawn -> aka brownstar) of having only characters of cancelled tv shows. Only problem was I really liked how the futurama guys turned out and technically they were on the air again. However, techincally they were cancelled, so its ok (technicalities are sometimes a good thing). So I was forced to take out Cartman, and aded other canceled toons. All the toons being killed are still on the air ; )

I decided that only Heffer was needed to represent Rock’s modern life, and went with The Brain instead of Rocko. I also thought Andy French could look a bit more beat up.

It was brought to my attention that Heffer looked too much like he did on the show, so I decided to redraw him, and add the rest of Kenny’s body into the mix. I liked how he turned out after the redraw. Added hatching. And Bam! Done!

On a shirt.

Revenge of the mixed up toons that were at some point cancelled tee by RedRobotMonkey. Available from