Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Generations of declining souls

As of November of 2008, the world population was estimated to be at 6.7 billion homo sapians. Malthus was wrong about our exponential increase in population resulting in starvation by the mid 19th century. Because even though we were increasing at a faster rate than food could be produced, he did not take into account for the technological advancements. So we are safe in terms of food, and it looks like space wouldn't be a problem, at least for a little while longer.

What about souls? Maybe this is complete nonsense to most people nowadays, but think about it. What if the human soul does exist, and there are a limited number which can be placed into mortal bodies?

Thousands of generations ago, there were less people on earth, so giving each newborn a soul was not a problem. But as populations exponentially increased, there would be an exponential demand for souls to be placed into bodies. What if there aren't enough souls for every individual? The only solution would be to fraction off the souls for each mortal body.
The result is that every successive generation, newborns receive less and less percentages of a complete soul.

Can this be the explanation for the increasing number of sociopaths out there? Or the fact that there is a demand for more sex and violence on television with every passing year(not that I am complaining, I love you HBO).

Think about it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Something I made awhile back. It was a project that was to be a "Proposal for something in an existing space". It was for this really pretentious art class at Western called "Explorations in drawing". Explorations in suckage was more like it.
My prof was a douche, and expected people to do illustrations of a statue or some shit. How boring is that? I used his proposal for the project as literal as I could so I could get away with not doing a statue illustration. He didn't quite agree with my choice, the only good thing he mentioned about this was he liked my use of indian ink for the black, but I only used watercolour, shows what he knew >: )
I guess I cant blame the guy, he did teach at Western, where big egos only grow bigger with time. What do I know about fine arts anyways, I was in science.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning. I use to wake up early to open presents. Now, as I am writing this, it is 7:44am, and I have not even gone to bed yet. But that's normal when you have no schedule.
Looking over my page right now and all it contains, I just realized I have an unhealthy obsession with drawing skulls. Even pictures I make in which there are no skulls present, there exist subliminal skull(s). Don't believe me? Check out the Joker picture I posted in the first entry. If you squint your eyes like an asian, and concentrate real hard to make your vision blurry, you will see a skull, sorta. Post more later...sleep now. PS. Adderall, where are you?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"A Culture in bloom"

Here is that art thing I claimed to have invented. As you can see this is just a clear plastic sheet with a cardboard boarder. This is called the "smudge guard undo-er"(help me come up with a better name, if it sounds dirty, that would be an added bonus). It is called this for two reasons.
1) you put it over the area you are not working on to rest your palm and not smudge your work. I usually just use a piece of blank paper, but found I couldn't see the rest of the drawing, and drawing symmetrical things would prove extra annoying. It is transparent for the purpose of allowing you to draw in relation to the entire picture.
2) If you are a pen and ink whore like me, its good to have something you can "test" on before permanently inking a drawing. Putting ink to paper is like catching herpes, before you allow it to soak, it better be worth it...cause there is no going back.
This is an example of me not liking how the nose looked when done in pencil. The shading lines didn't really give the inner nose much depth.
So I inked it on the transparent sheet many different times in many different ways, until I got one that I liked. Erasing with a tissue each time it didn't look right. I just use a normal inking pen (Micron).
I like the black and white version more, but the T-shirt voters tend to like colorful things cause they are all ADD internet junkies.

Yes, it is that time for shameless self promotion-ing. This here is the new design I have on Desighbyhumans, please vote for it so it can become a t-shirt, and I can take the money to save my very sick dog, IE. buy whiskey (http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/39895).

So I just found out that I spelled "tail" as "tale" on the description for this design on the site. I think I am seriously dyslexic...or mentally stunted. You decide.

Seacrest out.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Introduction time

Hi all,
this is my first attempt at a blog. I feel it is appropriate for me to have a proper introduction to anyone reading this. This blog will be my main art centre next to Deviantart. The difference here is that I will show the process of my art work as well as the final product. I will also show this new invention I made for drawing, it was made this very night as I am writing this, and I am quite proud of it. I feel it is useless to patent such a thing, cause it is for the purpose of art, and since we all know what a bunch of broke losers artists are, any contribution to the art community (that is free) is always a good thing.

First thing's first, my name is Quang Le (pronounced Q-ang, with one syllable). It is my immigrant name :) I have a Canadian name, Justin, but have since come to the conclusion that it is a slave name, plus people call me Quang mostly nowadays, so its all good.

The main reason I want to use the name Quang is kind of long. I was bummed out about my current situation, and indecision to go into art as a career, and for some reason, I googled my name. Upon my aimless search, I found this http://www.photosalaquang.com/.

As you can see, this guy was living my dream. He was an artist, a photographer to be exact, and good at his job. He works for magazine companies, shot the picture that would be the Aquabat's album cover. And if you don't know who the Aquabats are, shame on you! Email Travis Barker and he might tell you. Anyways, this Quang Le guy was successful, scene, and living my dream life. I saw it as a sign, perhaps I will go by this name, and take the same risks, and go forth into the world of: sketchy Hollywood shindigs, hiding dead hooker's body's cause she O.D.ed on flavor-of-the-week actor's cocaine, getting a highschool musical actress in trouble with the police,bailing her out only with the promise of sexual favours in return, you get the idea.

I have a problem with going on tangents, and my grammar could be better, and if you only log on here to see the art posted, that would still be fucking swell >: )
If you have never heard of Designbyhumans.com or threadless.com, I suggest you check them out, wicked T-shirt sites with wicked artwork.
In the up coming days, yours truly will try to submit stuff, and you can see first hand when he fails flat on his face or triumphs in sweet victory, right on this here blog, same bat time, same bat channel.

Ps. I have a design submitted on Designbyhumans(DBH) right now, you can check it out at this link (http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/38539) and vote if you want, but I don't expect it to win. I have another design coming up soon, but thats for later.

Oh here are some other art I have in my portfolio:

Mitosis (Pen and ink and photoshop)