Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Something I made awhile back. It was a project that was to be a "Proposal for something in an existing space". It was for this really pretentious art class at Western called "Explorations in drawing". Explorations in suckage was more like it.
My prof was a douche, and expected people to do illustrations of a statue or some shit. How boring is that? I used his proposal for the project as literal as I could so I could get away with not doing a statue illustration. He didn't quite agree with my choice, the only good thing he mentioned about this was he liked my use of indian ink for the black, but I only used watercolour, shows what he knew >: )
I guess I cant blame the guy, he did teach at Western, where big egos only grow bigger with time. What do I know about fine arts anyways, I was in science.

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  1. I come from Western eh. I dun like you bashing the school eh. I gots a best student experience written on it, dontcha know. It has a picture of an ugg boot on it eh... i dont see u drawing something beautiful like those boots.