Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"A Culture in bloom"

Here is that art thing I claimed to have invented. As you can see this is just a clear plastic sheet with a cardboard boarder. This is called the "smudge guard undo-er"(help me come up with a better name, if it sounds dirty, that would be an added bonus). It is called this for two reasons.
1) you put it over the area you are not working on to rest your palm and not smudge your work. I usually just use a piece of blank paper, but found I couldn't see the rest of the drawing, and drawing symmetrical things would prove extra annoying. It is transparent for the purpose of allowing you to draw in relation to the entire picture.
2) If you are a pen and ink whore like me, its good to have something you can "test" on before permanently inking a drawing. Putting ink to paper is like catching herpes, before you allow it to soak, it better be worth it...cause there is no going back.
This is an example of me not liking how the nose looked when done in pencil. The shading lines didn't really give the inner nose much depth.
So I inked it on the transparent sheet many different times in many different ways, until I got one that I liked. Erasing with a tissue each time it didn't look right. I just use a normal inking pen (Micron).
I like the black and white version more, but the T-shirt voters tend to like colorful things cause they are all ADD internet junkies.

Yes, it is that time for shameless self promotion-ing. This here is the new design I have on Desighbyhumans, please vote for it so it can become a t-shirt, and I can take the money to save my very sick dog, IE. buy whiskey (

So I just found out that I spelled "tail" as "tale" on the description for this design on the site. I think I am seriously dyslexic...or mentally stunted. You decide.

Seacrest out.

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