Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Limiting reagent

In chemistry, a limiting reagent is the one chemical in a recipe that drives a reaction, that is the slowest (or least in amount). It slows everyone else down. Hence, the reaction can only make as many products (or as fast) as the limiting reagent will permit. The limiting reagent is the weakest link, and determines the strength of a team.

If you own your own place, and I don't mean a student, or recent grad, that lives with roommates (parents). I mean, if you have a career and are a yuppie, or on your way to owning a fancy place. What's the one limiting reagent that determines a person's impression in your mind? That's right, the quality of the TOILET PAPER in their home.

Imagine them having really shitty and low grade toilet paper. Its the most basic of human needs, the least you could do is dish out a couple of more cents for a quality wipe. So next time you are out shopping for toilet paper, don't settle for the no name/cheap/tree-bark/cheese-graters rolls.

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by my random thoughts, and does not reflect any recent events having to do with the toilet paper of anyone acquainted with me ; )

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  1. Don't worry about visiting me Quang, I always buy the triple-ply, extra soft shit. I want to feel like I'm wiping my ass with cashmere.