Thursday, June 3, 2010


Some panaramic photographs that I did sometime ago, but didn't have time/motivation to upload here until now.
I know I have been all over the place lately. I am doing a ton of drawings, paintings, 3d sculptures, a flash cartoon, and some photography, all at the same time. The next month is going to be nuts. On top of that, I am still making my webpage, which I am going to link to this blog of course.


  1. Did you use a filter to get the colours on those pictures?

    The top one is haunting

  2. nice reflection in the city hall one :)

  3. Thanks, I painted them, and played around with the colour saturation mostly.

  4. . . -NicE SHoTS- . .
    i actually flipped thE "reflectiveness" shot upside down. .KiNDA Like that. .give it a go .. and see what you think. .

  5. HAHA, brilliant! I will have to do that repost on here, thanks.