Saturday, January 31, 2009

Deserves ain't got nothing to do with it. (Pen and Ink)

Continuing with the western theme. This one was actually made a while ago, but I have been too lazy to update...

Edit: I am a big fan of the movie Unforgiven by Clint Eastwood. I also like the Wire. It just hit me that there is one scene where someone is about to get capped, and before she dies, she says this very line (the title of the piece) to the person about to kill her. Was this a reference to Unforgiven? Or is David Simon unoriginal? You decide.


  1. You should do Henry Fonda from Once Upon a Time in the West. Another villain with big blue eyes.

    Mea culpa. It wasn't a painting.

  2. yeah, I have heard of that guy, and have been meaning to watch the movie. But a western without Clint, just isn't the same.

    I think I have seen that picture you mentioned before, it looks pretty cool. Today, that could win at a threadless t-shirt contest I am sure.