Friday, January 2, 2009

People who love their kids are selfish (The catch 22)

You may disagree with the above statement, but before you harshly write this off as crap, think about this for a little bit.

The meaning of life as been discovered. Yes, there is a book about it, and it is called The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

People, animals, every living thing on earth exists for the sole purpose of spreading its genes. It is that simple. To oversimplify things: the only difference between a tree and a person is that millions of years ago, "tree genes" chose the "tree" as a vehicle, and the "animal gene" chose an "animal".

Makes perfect sense right? Our genes tell us how to react to certain things, to learn, to be a prick, our personalities are shaped by our environment, but its the genes that is the groundwork of it all.

So I guess there is such thing as a soul, and it comes in the form of DNA. The DNA is like a soul because it can exist forever, from one generation to the next. Each of us are temporary vehicles for genes to use at any one time, when we die, our genes live on through our kids, and their kids.

Now to get to the part about parents being over-protective of their kids, loving them too much, wanting them to get a good career, its all an act of selfishness.We want them to bag the prom queen so they can have healthy good looking babies, so that those babies can be successful at spreading our genes.

This is a screwed up way of looking at life. I was not able to look at life the same way after reading this book, so I am broadcasting this here, so everyone who hasn't read that book can be just as screwed up as I am. So when it comes to parents and their kids, the act of selflessness is really due to selfishness? Talk about a catch 22.


  1. My mom told me to procreate with a white man so we'll be guaranteed to have beautiful children. She always rues the day she married my dad (this would be a diss to me, seeing that I am the result of TWO Chinese parents)

  2. The last white girl I was with's mom told her the same thing, in front of me. oh sweet memories.