Monday, October 5, 2009

Do make say think

At the frontier for Canada's indie/post-rock scene, Do Make Say Think has just finished a new album called Other Truths. This album has the usual moody, spacerock atmosphere, with sparse horns blowing in the background at approcpriate times, to create a dramatic anthem mood. This album features only four songs (Do, Make, Say, and Think); all ranging from pretty long, to extremely long in length.
When I heard their EP Besides, I was somewhat disappointed. But this album has really Blown me away. You can download it if you are broke or new to this band, or go buy it. But make sure to go see them live if you can (and like their stuff), and support them financially.

Here's a sample if you have never heard them before.

Recommanded for Post-rockers that like a touch of originality and a spice of amazingness in their music.

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  1. Do Make Say Think represents all that is good in the world.