Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Badass Vespa Babe (White Conté)
I almost gave up on this picture twice, 10 minutes into it, and again 40 minutes into it. I was just fucking around with Conté on black, maybe I will redo this with something not so harsh to draw on.


  1. Hey,
    Thanks for the comment and link on my poo blog.
    Your stuff is pretty rad. I'm going to blog-stalk you now.

  2. her arms are oddly positioned, its like they arent long enough? like they're retracted into her sleeves? was that intended?

  3. There was a foreshortening that was in the source pic, but drawing only highlights, it was very difficult to show that here. Like I said, I almost gave up on this twice, due to the fact that my brain has always been trained to draw the dark and leave the light spots alone, but in this, I had to do the opposite. I am gonna do a proper pencil drawing of this soon, if I don't fuck up, you will see how the arms were suppose to look.