Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Potential for greatness, but what went wrong?

Did you ever go through an awkward-shy phase in high school? Are you still going through it now? Well, speaking from experience, nothing builds character more than that phase of your life. Why? Cause you spend so much time inside your own head. It almost becomes a habit, even when that phase passes (or supposedly passes). This time spent in your head helps with creativity, I mean, imaginary friends take creativity to hang out with right? But I digress. A book that deals with this in complete originality is Black hole by Charles burns.

Watching the trailer of Fears of the dark (definitely going to post about that once I get to watch it), a combo of short horror cartoons, in which Burns is an artist/writer, reminded me of this graphic novel. A perfect example of good ideas, great art, promising characters, that just lacked something, making it fall short of just amazing.

The premise of the book takes places in a suburban town, where there is an epidemic of a sexually transmitted disease. We mainly see this disease affect teenagers, and it has some very supernatural symptoms, with sexy consequences...actually, it makes the person pretty gross. A classic tale of "the other". Accompany this with your coming of age story and you got a winner.

Unfortunately, the ending was extremely anti-climatic. It may as well have ended like the Sopranos. Or this post.

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