Monday, March 30, 2009

So I feel I should update with some new artwork. This was something I did for the OCAD portfolio. A stray from my usual stuff, mostly because I needed some life drawing and in a medium other than paint. Plus,who doesn't like a picture of a bum? I have an acceptance to OCAD, but the portfolio interview was very VERY disappointing.
I was expecting hip professors who may like to see stuff like Alice in Wonderland having a syringe party with the Mad Hatter and the like, but they barely asked me anything. On top of that, they barely even glanced at some of my work, literally 10 seconds to look at some of the stuff I spent HOURS on!
Maybe this art was a bit too low brow for them, or they are just full of shit. There was only one prof that would make comments, she was a Dr.House fan, which automatically makes her cool, and my House painting won her over. But aside from her, it was not anything like the portfolio interview I had at Max the Mutt animation school. Which was so much more in depth, and less disappointing. Hopefully Max will give me a scholarship(I am handing in the scholarship forms to their school today and will have to wait for them to get back to me, * fingers crossed *). I guess I will decide which school to go to based on funds available...


  1. Wow, Quang, that woman has a massive butt! Haha. I think we know what you're into now ;)

  2. i cannot lie, all you other brothers can't deny...