Sunday, April 19, 2009

I think I figured it out...

About a month ago, I entered this into the threadless contest. It did well in the voting and comments, but I don't think it is getting printed. I think there was one thing I didn't take into account: the image did not wrap around the entire shirt (it just ends on the edge). And for this type of shirt, I think that was a mistake. Therefore, today I attempted to do something I have never done before, try to remake paint colours to match exactly the ones I used for this painting, and make a backside to this shirt.
Yeah Jenna, I am gonna use this one for the Modern contest, thanks for the info.


  1. I think that this might be a bit too complex for Modern Amusement. It doesn't seem like they use a lot of imagery in their designs.

  2. I think that its FANTASTIC!!!!!! and i'd totally be up for wearing it! its an awesome pic!!



  3. thanks. I try to have it full of girly goodness.