Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new painting that I am working on. I have a full-time job right now, so I do not have much time to work. The little time I do have, are scattered throughout the weekend days in between debauched benders. I am really excited about this one though, since it will be my first really big project using Gouache. I really want to use her hair as a design for the entire space, but I still want it to be subtle; I will have to decide when I put some paint down.

The Process:

Here you can see the google images I have found as references. Obviously I have to change many things, even the poses. That image directly above was the original idea I had, but I chose to use her hair to replace that left arm in composition, hair will look more awesomer. Oh and you might read "women's shoes" on one of the windows in the above image, that was for my painting, not personal shopping/fetish. I woudlnt subscribe to a fetish THAT predictable.
Another large muse...actually, just what I drink on breaks. Lakeport, pay for the beer, not the name. Is that what they say in the commercials? They should change it to "Lakeport, because you are a cheapass who should try harder in life to make more money".

Thats where I work, I guess.


  1. Ooo the sketch looks interesting! I'm excited to see how it comes out =)
    I love using hair as a way to fill space haha.

  2. Yeah, that's one thing I like about Japanese horrors, they love to use hair to be a contributing factor in their horror scenes. Not too related to this, but still inspirational for composition.

  3. I am going to work on this, this weekend, will be sure to update then. I am so glad to know there are out there that give-a-shit >: P