Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old Man Clint

So, I decided to get off my ass and test out the new (sorta) gauche paint that I got my hands on a while back. What better specimen for painting than the greatest actor-turned-director of all time? I didn't have as many colours in this set as I did with my watercolours, so I was a bit skeptical as to what I could achieve with them. I was very impatient to see how it would turn out, so this was just a quick painting, excuse the lack of finess. The verdict: Gouache fucking rocks! I hope I can one day develop somewhere near the awesomeness that Alex Ross has done with the paint. Sorry watercolour, but we both knew this day would come; lets not lie to ourselves anymore. It's not you, it' it is you. I found something better. I think there may be some room to mix both watercolour and gauche into the same pallete though, that will be something to look forward to.
And Clint, here's to hoping you have many more years ahead to be everyone's favourite anti-hero/asshole.


  1. sweet dude clint eastwood rules

  2. Wow, glad it worked out! :)

  3. Always glad to see more Clint fans.